You are here because you have a deep calling to go deeper into yourself.
You know the roles you play in life are not all that you are.

You are something much vaster, expansive, and free. Let your mind be blown away...

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silentLY retreatING

Hey lovely beings,

I'm being pulled to continue my silent retreat for now, so I will pause the 
breathwork and meditation offerings for the time being.

I'm sorry if you were counting on them, but don't worry, you can continue practicing and deepening with a recording from our last session  (I encourage you to practice it for 40 days and see what happens - this is the Kundalini Yoga way). 

Here's the recording of the session: 'Be like water. Don't Take Shape.'

You can also follow the meditations we usually practice with the true Master who created them, Mooji. I'm positive you will deepen even more into yourself, by listening to its original source.


You can listen to it on his YouTube page along with many other goodies: Mooji - Invitation to Freedom

I will speak to you soon and have a wonderful time discovering yourself :)







I am not here to shape you, but to see you. Together, we'll create a safe and loving space with the power to shift old patterns, stories, and painful feelings into joy, peace, and wisdom.



Earnestness and intuition are crucial to my life and work.
My approach is spontaneous and fresh, to serve what is arising right now.


My intention is to see you discover your highest self. This is the heart I bring to each session. And if you bring yours too, you can discover more joy and healthy relationships right now. 




Healing Meditation

There's this place, in the seat of your heart, that is unmoving. Unshaken by worries or problems, where you feel complete.

Together in this energy healing transmission with guided meditation, we'll discover this place that cannot be seen or
caught, but that you know very well.


It's a beautiful discovery and one that will never fade. Why?
Because this place is your true nature.


Contact me to be part of the online sessions taking place
every Wednesday 8pm, Friday 8pm, and Sunday 6pm.


No experience required. Just bring an open heart and mind.



Kundalini, Yoga of Awareness.

Kundalini has the power to pierce through old patterns by electrifying the body with life force energy - using powerful breathwork, body angles, and mantra.

It's a dynamic and fun type of yoga for everyone, no matter your age, background, or experience. With thousands of combinations, each set is freshly designed for the needs of the class. No previous experience, training, or flexibility is required.

I'm now offering lunchtime breathwork meditation sessions that take the teaching of Kundalini into simple breathing exercises that wake you up and revitalise your whole system!



Mantra Meditation


Vibration is the fundamental structure of our real reality. So by vibrating higher, we can deeply transform our reality.

That is the power of Mantra, a spoken meditation that can liberate the mind from conditioning.


In Sanskrit, Mantra derives from the words "to think". Chanting Mantra is a devotional ceremony where we offer our mind to the Universe in a deep meditative state, so we can hear it speak.

No experience, good voice, or confidence is required. Sound vibrates for all...
Please enquire for to attend/collaborate in Kirtan events.




Let me photograph your heart.

We rarely spend time listening to our heart, even though it has the power to guide us towards a life full of joy, great relationships, and purpose.

Inspired by this, I decided to start capturing the invisible energy of the heart. What started off as a photography project, became an opportunity to help others heal.
A silent moment to listen to the heart.

When all eyes are on us, there's nowhere else to go but within. That's how we remember our power, grace, and purpose.

#♥ShotsProject happens all over the world, so if you want to take part pls get in touch here or on social media:


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Spiritual WOW means Spiritual Wisdom of the World...

An idea that came to me during meditation to help share and awaken the infinite wisdom we all have within. 

I'm Mariana or Padmini Avtar, a certified Energy Healer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and founder of Spiritual WOW.

Since I was a young girl, I always felt like I carried this deep wisdom that did not belong to me. I did nothing to know it.
But I did. And the message was clear: share this wisdom with others and make them listen to theirs.

My calling is to serve, live from my heart, and touch others to live from theirs.

I invite you to join me on this journey, so you can discover a place of peace, joy, and wisdom inside your own heart.

... let's connect.



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I'm a freelancer based in London, my schedule is spontaneous and flexible.

Please enquire for online or physical sessions at SpiritualWOW Temple in Stoke Newington, London. Full address will be given on booking. For fees please check below.



Due to the current self-isolation circumstances, I'm now offering online sessions.
Please check 'What's On' at the top of this page to see the schedule and message/email me to join:

Healing Meditation 

Group Online Session - donation 
Group at SpiritualWOW temple - £12

Individual Online Sessions - £40

Kundalini Breathwork

 Group Online Session - donation

Individual Online Session - £40

Kirtan Gathering

At SpiritualWOW Temple - donation

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